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Ok so I had a blog once and rarely updated it. It started reasonably well and then kind of petered out, as these things tend to do if you’re busy with multiple things in the real world. I was unemployed. I think the trouble was, like all workshy layabouts, all I had to blog about were the times when politics made me angry. Thus I achieved the effect of coming across like some rabid opinionated loon, although perhaps not on the BBC Have Your Say level. Arguing political points was never a strong area of mine. I tend to get bored of such arguments pretty quickly; most of them never seem to end, other than when you agree to disagree. That’s probably another reason my previous blogging attempt died out: my short attention span. I’d often start writing a post and then abandon it (less than) half way through; no commitment to the cause.

So why start again? Well I think I might occasionally have interesting things to write about. I’ll explain why in my next post…

For this to be more successful than last time I’m going to set myself two rules:

1) Posts will be apolitical
2) Posts will be under 500 words


Written by Mark

10/10/2010 at 3:23 pm

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